Towing a vessel by road

When driving a vehicle towing a trailer, you need more knowledge and skill than for regular driving. Here are the rules you must follow.

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Rules for towing

Take extra care when driving a vehicle towing a trailer. You need more knowledge and skill than for regular driving.

Learner drivers must not tow a trailer. Provisional P1 drivers must only tow light trailers that weigh less than 250kg when empty.

When towing, you must:

  • not tow more than one trailer at a time
  • not have any person travelling in the trailer or vessel you're towing
  • control the movement of the trailer.

If your vehicle and trailer is over 7.5m long, you must stay a minimum of 60m behind other long vehicles (over 7.5m). The only exceptions to this rule are when:

  • driving on a multi-lane road
  • driving on a road in a built-up area
  • overtaking.

Check road rules and requirements before towing a trailer. See Towing.

Dimension limits

There are dimension limits for light vehicle and trailer combinations on NSW roads. These limits are for overall height, width and length, and rear overhang.

You may be eligible for an exemption if the length or weight of your vessel causes your vehicle and trailer combination to go over these limits – for example, when carrying a yacht, dragon boat, outrigger canoe, kayak or surf ski. See Light vehicle road access.

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