Rules for wakeboarding and wakesurfing on NSW waters

As a wakeboarder, wakesurfer or skipper towing a wakeboarder or wakesurfer, these are the rules you must follow to keep yourself and others safe.

Wakeboarding is when a powered vessel pulls a person on a wakeboard with a rope. They cross the wake to perform aerial activities.

Wakesurfing is when a person on a wakesurf or skim board trails behind a powered vessel, riding the vessel's wake. They're not pulled by a rope from the vessel.

The driver must make sure the wakeboarder or wakesurfer is a minimum of 7m from the centreline of the vessel's stern, whether or not using a rope. The only exception is when the driver has considered and reduced the risks associated with carbon monoxide emissions and the propeller is forward of the back of the hull.

Wakeboarders and wakesurfers must always wear a lifejacket.

The driver should take extra care to minimise the impact of wash on other vessels and the shore.

Other rules you need to know

For safety on the water, you must also follow the rules in;

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