Recommended safety equipment

In addition to the essential safety equipment that you must carry, it's recommended that you carry these items on board at all times.

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First-aid kit

Carry a complete first-aid kit appropriate for the maximum number of people the vessel is designed to carry.

Kill switch lanyard

Many small powerboats and all personal watercraft (PWC) have an automatic engine cut-off device called a kill switch. This is activated by a lanyard.

When you're driving, you attach one end of the kill switch lanyard to your arm, leg, clothing or lifejacket, and the other end to the engine. If you fall overboard or lose control of the steering, the lanyard disconnects and stops the engine.

It's strongly recommended that you wear a kill switch lanyard when the engine is on and in gear.

Person demonstrating a kill switch attached to their arm.
A kill switch lanyard attached to your arm stops the engine if you fall overboard.


It's recommended that every vessel have a basic toolkit with:

  • spark plug spanner and spark plugs (for petrol engines)
  • small adjustable spanner
  • pair of pliers
  • metal file
  • wire brush
  • hacksaw and blade
  • Phillips head and standard screwdriver
  • spare fuel line
  • electrical wiring
  • insulation tape
  • can of water-displacing spray.

Two means of communication

If possible, carry 2 means of communication, for example, a marine radio and a mobile phone in a waterproof cover.

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