Children's boating safety education program

Learn about our Boating Safety Education Program for schools, educational institutes, Scouts and Guides across NSW.

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Boating and Water Safety Education

About the program

Our boating education officers deliver a Boating Safety Education Program to schools and educational institutes across NSW.

Our key goals are to:

  • educate young people about safe and enjoyable boating. We focus on lifejackets, safety equipment, and boating rules and regulations
  • instil good habits and boating best practice in children new to boating or keen to be involved
  • raise awareness of boating on different waterways including inland rivers and lakes, oceans, and offshore and alpine waters
  • influence boating families to adopt safe practices
  • educate young people about emerging safety issues relevant to their region.
School students
School children participating in the Boating Safety Education Program

Boating safety sessions

We run classroom and outdoor game-based activity sessions for school-aged children, in fun and active environments.

These are highly interactive, and reinforce boating safety awareness and messaging.

Each session takes around 45-60 minutes per group.

We have a range of delivery methods to suit different classes and group sizes. These are based on the needs and availability of individual schools and groups.

Curriculum and safety badge aligned

The program outcomes align with the NSW Education Standards Authority Syllabus.

This incorporates the PDHPE K-10, Stage 4 and 5 Marine Aquaculture Technology Content Endorsed Course (CEC) and Stage 6 Marine Studies CEC.

The program also aligns with water safety badge requirements for Scouts and Guides.

Getting your school involved

If you're interested in participating in our Boating Safety Education Program, please complete our contact us form.

Our Boating Education Officer from your local area will contact you.

Marine safety activity book

Our free marine safety activity book explains important water safety messages to help kids stay safe and enjoy the water.

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