Driver and rider licences

Everything you need to know about getting, renewing and replacing a driver or rider licence in NSW.

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Book a driver or rider test

You can book your driver or rider knowledge test, hazard perception test, and driving practical test on the Service NSW website.

Update your

If you have recently moved home or changed your postal address, you need to update your contact details within 14 days.

Digital driver licence

The NSW Digital Driver Licence is the digital version of the NSW Driver Licence. It is available through the Service NSW app. 
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Renew or replace a licence

Everything you need to know about renewing or replacing your NSW driver or rider licence.

Driver licences

How to get and maintain a NSW car driver licence, including steps and stages, tests, rules and programs to support your driving.

Rider licences

You need a rider licence to use a motorcycle or motor scooter on NSW roads.

Heavy vehicle licences

Need a heavy vehicle licence? Find out what to do for the different heavy vehicle licence classes.

Licence classes and conditions

Learn about licence conditions and classes for driving cars, motorbikes, trucks and other road vehicles in NSW.

Older drivers and riders

Are you a driver or rider age 70 or above in NSW? Find out what you need to renew, modify or return your licence.

Health conditions and disabilities

How a health condition or disability can affect your driver licence and parking access in NSW. Information for consumers and health professionals.

Proof of identity

How to get a NSW photo card, prove your identity, protect your identity and update your details with Transport for NSW.

Visiting or moving to NSW

Everything you need to know about driving in NSW as a visitor from another state or country. How to convert your licence if you move to NSW.

Licence fees

Need information about fees for licences, tests. handbooks and disability parking permits? Find out what you need to pay.

Licence publications

Looking for resources on licences? Find what you need in our publication list.

Contact Transport for NSW

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Phone:13 22 13
Monday to Friday : 7:00am -7:00pm

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Service NSW App

Digital Driver Licence

The NSW Digital Driver Licence is the digital version of the NSW Driver Licence available through the Service NSW app. Use the NSW Digital Driver Licence the same as the plastic card. You can show Police or prove your identity and age. 

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