Older drivers and riders

Are you a driver or rider aged 70 or above in NSW? Find out what you need to renew, modify or return your licence.

Find out what you need to renew your licence from age 70 in NSW, including driving and medical assessments, and how to apply for a modified licence.
Organise an older driver or rider assessment / test in NSW.
Find an Older Driver Assessor in your area. If you're age 85 and above, you need an older driver test or assessment every 2 years to renew your licence.
How to consider alternatives to driving and riding, return your licence, and get a new ID card.
Information on fitness to drive medical assessment, eyesight tests, and licence cancellation or variation.
Worried about a parent, friend or family member's ability to drive safely? Find out what you can do to help.
On the road 65Plus has advice and safety tips to help make safer choices when driving, riding, walking, using a mobility scooter or catching public transport in NSW.

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