Driving or riding with a disability

Find out about applying for and maintaining a licence to drive or ride, including information about assessments and vehicle modifications.

Your driver licence - for people with disability

Learn about different licence options for people with disability. You may need a medical assessment, vehicle modifications, and a standard or disability driving test.

Driving assessments for people with disability

How your driving ability is assessed, including information on occupational therapist assessment, standard and disability driving tests.

Motorcycle riding for people with disability

Find out how to apply for a licence to ride a motorcycle when you're a person living with disability.

Modified vehicles for people with disability

Vehicle modifications can help you get and keep your licence when you're a person with disability. Find out more about getting modifications and how they affect your licence.

Special mobility vehicle rider licences

You need a licence to ride a special mobility vehicle (SMV). Find out how to apply, and what licences are valid.

Special mobility vehicle rider knowledge test

Applying for a SMV rider licence? First, you need to pass the SMV Knowledge Test.

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