Visiting or moving to NSW

Everything you need to know about driving in NSW as a visitor from another state or country. Learn how to convert your licence if you move to NSW.

Driving with an overseas or interstate licence in NSW

Visiting NSW? You can use your interstate or overseas driver or rider licence – as long as it's current and you follow NSW road rules.

Visiting NSW with an overseas learner or provisional licence

Visiting NSW? As a learner or provisional driver or rider, you can use NSW roads – as long as your licence is current and you follow these rules.

Applying for a temporary overseas visitor licence

Visiting for more than 3 months? Apply for a temporary licence.

Renewing, replacing or surrendering a temporary visitor's licence

Visit a service centre to renew, replace or hand in your temporary overseas licence – or remove the Q condition if you've become a permanent resident.

Moving your licence to NSW

Moving to NSW? Welcome! Here's how to get the right licence so you can continue to drive or ride on NSW roads.

Moving your interstate licence to NSW

If you hold a current interstate licence, NSW will match the expiry date on an equivalent licence for up to 10 years at no charge.

Moving your New zealand licence to NSW

As a New Zealand citizen living in NSW, you must convert your NZ licence to a NSW licence within 3 months to continue driving.

Moving your overseas licence to NSW

Moving to NSW with an overseas licence? You’ll need to get a NSW licence within 3 months to continue driving or riding. Here's how.

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