Proof of identity

How to get a NSW photo card, prove your identity, protect your identity, and update your details with Transport for NSW.

Proving your identity

Find out how to prove your identity for a Transport for NSW product or service, such as a driver licence.

Photo cards

Get alternative photo ID that you can use as proof of your age or identity.

Updating personal details

You need to visit a service centre and provide proof of identity when notifying us that your name has changed. If only your address has changed, you can do this online through Service NSW.

Protecting your identity

Your identity is important for many aspects of everyday life. Transport for NSW security measures help protect you from identity theft.

Taking your photo

Find out about when your photo needs to be taken for proof of identity and licence products.

Changing your licence number or customer number

If the security of your driver licence number or Transport for NSW customer number is compromised or used fraudulently, you may apply for a new number.

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