Safety and rules on NSW roads

Know the rules you must follow to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Driving on NSW roads

Get the Road User Handbook

The Road User Handbook covers the main rules you need to know to drive legally and safely on NSW roads.

Staying safe as a pedestrian

Rules and advice to help pedestrians stay safe on NSW roads and shared paths.

Learn how to avoid common crashes

There are 5 main types of crashes that result in injury or death. Many could be prevented by safe driving.

Safe driving behaviour

Driving safely is essential for road safety and reducing your risk of being in a crash. Know the rules and advice for keeping yourself and others safe on NSW roads.

Sharing the road, overtaking and merging

Everyone using NSW roads has a responsibility for sharing the road safely with others.

Stopping, giving way and turning

Signs, road markings, traffic lights and roundabouts help everyone share the road safely. Make sure you know who has right of way.

Road lanes, lines and markings

Know the different types of road lanes, lines and other markings used on NSW roads, and the rules for using them safely.

Parking safely

Know the rules for where you can and cannot park in NSW. Parking signs help you to park safely and legally.

Warnings and road hazards

How to deal with hazards on NSW roads. What to do if there's a breakdown or crash, and advice on driving safely in dangerous conditions.

Vehicle safety and compliance

Checks and rules to keep vehicles as safe as possible on NSW roads.

Heavy vehicle drivers

Specific rules and safety considerations heavy vehicle drivers must follow. These are in addition to the rules that apply to all NSW road users.

Motorcycle and scooter riders

Get ready to ride. Find out what safety gear you need, how to maintain your bike and how to ride safely on NSW roads.

Bicycle riders

Rules and safety advice for cyclists in NSW. Choosing the right bike and equipment, maintenance, and traffic and hazard awareness.

Safety updates for NSW road users

Check the latest safety information from Transport for NSW, including Takata airbag recall, reforms to NSW road rules, offences and penalties.

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