Safe driving behaviour

Driving safely is essential for road safety and reducing your risk of being in a crash. Know the rules and advice for keeping yourself and others safe on NSW roads.

Speeding is the number one killer on NSW roads. Following these rules will help keep you, and others, safe on our roads.
Know the alcohol limit that applies to you when driving in NSW. Understand the rules if you're on medication. Don't drug drive.
Seatbelts double the chance of survival and reduce the risk of injury in a road crash. Here's what you need to know about wearing seatbelts in NSW.
Child car seats reduce injuries and deaths. Understand the rules you must follow, and how to choose and install a suitable approved car seat.
There are strict rules about using a mobile phone, digital screen or GPS while driving in NSW. Know the rules that apply to you.
Fatigue kills. Each year, it accounts for around 20% of road deaths in NSW. Here's how to avoid fatigue and be a safer driver.
There are severe penalties for hooning and street racing. You can lose your vehicle and licence on the spot for taking part in these activities.
Negligent or dangerous driving causes many crashes on NSW roads each year. Here are the rules you must follow and the penalties that apply.
Rules and advice on keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Many crashes on NSW roads could be avoided by safer driving.
Drive safely and avoid common crashes.

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