Hooning and street racing

There are severe penalties for hooning and street racing. You can lose your vehicle and licence on the spot for taking part in these activities.

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The rules

Hooning and street racing are irresponsible and dangerous. You must not organise, take part in, or promote (including taking photos or film of) hooning or street racing.

This includes:

  • driving in a way that deliberately loses traction between your vehicle and the road, for example, burnouts or donuts
  • racing other vehicles
  • speed trials or trying to break a speed record.


Penalties for hooning and street racing include:

  • large fines
  • demerit points
  • loss of licence
  • impoundment (taking away your vehicle or number plates)
  • prison.

Your vehicle can be impounded for up to 3 months and you must pay storage fees to get it back. For a second offence, your vehicle may be sold.

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