Sharing the road, overtaking and merging

Everyone using NSW roads has a responsibility for sharing the road safely with others.

Overtaking safely

Take care when overtaking on NSW roads. If you have any doubts, wait until it's safer. Before overtaking, always check your mirrors and blind spots.

Merging and changing lanes

Always check your mirrors and blind spots when changing or merging lanes. Remember to indicate and look out for motorcycles and bicycles.

Using motorways and freeways

A motorway (freeway or expressway), is usually a high-speed road with more than one lane in each direction. Know the rules and drive safely on NSW motorways.


How to safely give way to pedestrians, mobility scooters and skateboaders on NSW roads. Know the rules around sharing the roads, and when to slow down and take extra care.

Bicycle riders

Look out for cyclists, who share the road with other NSW road users. As a driver, know how to help keep them safe.

Motorcycle riders

As a driver, it’s your responsibility to help keep motorcycle riders safe. Here are the rules, risks and responsibilities you need to be aware of.

Horse riders

Horses are allowed on many NSW roads. Here’s how to share the road safely with horses, whether they're pulling a vehicle, or being ridden or led.

Trucks and buses

Heavy vehicles need more room to stop and turn. They also have blind spots. Here are the rules you must follow when driving near buses and trucks.

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