Sharing the road with horse riders

Horses are allowed on many NSW roads. Here’s how to share the road safely with horses, whether they're pulling a vehicle, or being ridden or led.

Drive with care around horses

People riding on horses or horse-drawn vehicles have the right to share our roads.

They have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers, motorcycle riders and bicycle riders. They follow the same road rules, but also have some special rules.

Horse riders can ride on any road, unless a sign says they must not.

They can ride 2 abreast (side by side) as long as they’re within 1.5m of each other. More than 2 horse riders can ride side by side, but only if 1 is overtaking the others or they are droving stock.

Horses can be unpredictable

If you’re passing a horse, whether it’s being ridden or led, or is pulling a vehicle, you should:

  • slow down and leave plenty of room
  • stop if the rider is having difficulty with their horse
  • never use your horn or rev your engine.
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