Heavy vehicle drivers

Specific rules and safety considerations heavy vehicle drivers must follow. These are in addition to the rules that apply to all NSW road users.

Speed limits, rules and responsibilities related to heavy vehicles — for drivers and others in the supply chain.
Rules and advice for heavy vehicle drivers on reversing, overtaking and changing lanes, and dealing with wet conditions and vehicle fires.
Road rules and advice for heavy vehicle drivers. Understand restricted areas, height and length limits, and using warning triangles.
Rules and safety advice for heavy vehicle drivers on truck lanes, parking and standing, and level crossing access.
Road rules and safety advice for driving at intersections, when crossing or entering traffic, and turning right from a one-way street.
Vehicle monitor devices automatically record details about a vehicle's operation at all times. Here are the NSW legal requirements and how to use them.
Specific road rules apply to buses. These include rules on stopping at bus stops, obeying bus (B) signals and using bus lanes.

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