Warnings and road hazards

How to deal with hazards on NSW roads. What to do if there's a breakdown or crash, and advice on driving safely in dangerous conditions.

Watch out for these common warning signs when you're driving. These alert you to possible dangers and changed conditions.
What to do when you're involved in a crash on NSW roads. Information on exchanging details, towing and when to call emergency services.
What to do when there are roadworks on NSW roads. Learn about common signs, signals and how to proceed safely.
How to look out for livestock, wildlife and potential hazards on NSW roads. What to do if you encounter an animal.
What to do when your car or another vehicle breaks down on NSW roads. Tips on pulling over, getting or giving help, and traffic safety.
How to safely approach and give way to emergency vehicles on NSW roads when you're out driving.
What to do when you're driving past a funeral or other procession on NSW roads.
Safety advice for driving in unpredictable and severe weather conditions on NSW roads. Including wet weather, unsealed roads and flooding.
How to avoid distractions in your vehicle when driving on NSW roads. Animals, passengers and loose items can cause unsafe distractions.
Drive safely on NSW roads by using vehicle lights and horns appropriately. Learn when to use fog lights, high beam, hazard lights and horns.
When setting up a roadside tribute, it is important to take steps to keep you and other road users safe. See our guide, and contact Transport for NSW for further info.

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