Warning road signs

Watch out for these common warning signs when you're driving. These alert you to possible dangers and changed conditions.

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Common warning signs

Warning signs alert you that there may be dangers or changed road conditions ahead. The signs are usually diamond-shaped with pictures, diagrams, symbols or words in black on a yellow background.

These are some of the most common warning signs.

Intersections and road signs

Crossroads ahead. Be prepare to stop
Crossroads ahead

'T' intersection approaching. Slow down and prepare to stop if required
You’re approaching a T-intersection where the road you’re driving on ends. You must give way to all vehicles

You are approaching a side road ahead. Be aware and watch for entering traffic
Side road ahead. A side road meets the road you’re driving on

Curves, bends and turns signs


Be aware the road ahead curves to the right
Road ahead curves to the right

Road ahead has a sharp right turn ahead
Sharp right turn ahead

Left hairpin turn in road ahead. Slow down and drive to conditions
Sharp bend to the left ahead

Road ahead is winding and curving
Winding road ahead

'Divided' road signs

Road ahead becomes a divided road. Ensure you stay left
Road divides ahead

Road divide ends ahead becomes a two way road. Ensure you stay left
Divided road ends ahead

'Narrow' road or bridge signs

Be aware the road narrows ahead as you are approaching a narrow bridge
Road narrows ahead

Narrow bridge road sign
Narrow bridge

Be aware you are approaching a narrow bridge road sign
You’re approaching a narrow bridge – slow down and prepare to stop

Give way and Stop sign ahead signs

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Pedestrian and bicycle signs

Pedestrian crossing ahead sign
Pedestrian crossing ahead

Pedestrian crossing sign
Pedestrians may be crossing ahead

Children crossing sign
Children may be crossing ahead

Be on the lookout for bicyles. Cycle areas are around.
Look out for bicycles

Changing road conditions signs

There is a in the road ahead. Approach with caution
The road dips ahead (a sudden slope down, then up)

The road ahead has a crest in it and your view maybe limited. Drive carefully
As you approach the top of the hill ahead, you cannot see a safe distance in front of you. Drive carefully

Road ahead has a steep descent. Be aware and drive to conditions
Steep descent (down grade) ahead

The road ahead has a speed or traffic hump
Hump ahead (a sudden slope up, then down)

Road ahead has a grid in place. May be for cattle or livestock
Grid ahead (a row of metal bars across the road)

Changing traffic conditions signs

Road ahead has 2 oncoming lanes in opposite direction
Road conditions are changing to two lanes of oncoming traffic

Be aware slow vehicles may be crossing or entering ahead
Beware of slow moving vehicles crossing or entering traffic

Traffic hazard on road ahead. Drive with caution
Temporary emergency situation ahead, such as an oil spill, fallen tree, snow or landslide

Weather and water signs

Warning slippery when wet sign. Slow down and drive to conditions
Road is slippery when wet

Road ahead has a ford and water may be across the road or road maybe under water
Road ahead is under water (for example, a stream)

Causeway ahead. Road may be covered in water. Proceed with caution
Causeway ahead may be covered in water (a causeway is a raised road across a low or wet area or a body of water)

Warning sign advising road is subject to flooding and a depth indicator is located on side of road
Road ahead may be covered by water

Warning signs measure
A measure showing the depth of floodwater across a road

Animals and livestock signs

Warning sign advising of Kangaroos in the area. Lookout for Kangaroos on the road or roadside
Look out for kangaroos

Livestock may be crossing ahead. Drive with caution
Image-based stock crossing road sign
Stock crossing area. Be aware stock may be crossing the road ahead
Livestock may be crossing ahead

Advisory speed sign

Sometimes an advisory speed sign is used with a warning sign. For example, to show the maximum speed that’s safe in good conditions, or how long you should look out for a particular hazard.

55Km/h Speed limit advisory road sign
Road ahead curves to the right. 55km/h maximum speed in good conditions

Variable message sign

Some roads have large electronic signs (called variable message signs). These signs warn you of changes in traffic conditions ahead – for example, fog, a crash, roadworks, congestion, road closures or police operations.

Variable message sign/board. Displays safety messages for drivers
Variable message sign on a motorway
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