What to do when there are roadworks on NSW roads. Learn about common signs, signals and how to proceed safely.

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Taking care at roadworks

Temporary signs warn you that roadworks are ahead. When approaching roadworks, slow down, look out for any hazards and be prepared to stop.

You must obey the regulatory signs and traffic lights at roadworks.

Look out for road workers on the road and obey signals from traffic controllers.

Stop and slow signs

‘Stop’ and ‘Slow’ signs are used at roadworks to control traffic. You must stop before reaching a handheld ‘Stop’ sign.

‘Stop’ and ‘Slow’ signs are held by traffic controllers. You must obey these signs.

Stop and Slow road signs
Stop and Slow road signs (traffic controllers)

Temporary traffic lights

Temporary traffic lights on a road. You must stop on a red signal.

Portable temporary traffic lights used at some roadworks to assist with traffic flow
Temporary traffic lights and ‘Stop here on red signal’ road sign on roadside

Common roadworks signs

Speed signs are regulatory signs. You must not drive faster than the speed limit shown on the sign.

Here's what to do when you see these common roadworks signs.

Roadworks with speed limit sign

Roadworks road sign showing 40km/h speed limit
Roadworks road sign showing 40km/h speed limit must be obeyed

Slow down and be prepared to stop signs

Slow down and be prepared to stop road sign
Slow down and be prepared to stop road sign

Traffic controller ahead roadsign advising roadworks in progress and to pay attention to directions given by traffic controller
Road sign showing traffic controller ahead. Be prepared to stop

Roadworkers are working ahead. Slow down and proceed with caution
Road sign showing road workers ahead. Slow down

Roadwork underway ahead. Slow down and proceed with caution
Roadwork ahead sign

End roadworks sign

Roadworks have ended and you may proceed as normal
Road sign showing end of roadworks

Overtaking and lane warning signs

No lines marked do not overtake sign
Road sign indicating no lanes marked on the road. Take care if overtaking

Avoiding hazards signs

Roadworks sign new work and loose gravel please proceed with caution.
Watch for loose stones. Slow down

Traffic controller vehicle with temporary arrow illuminated on top pointing which direction to merge.
A temporary arrow on a roadwork vehicle warns you a road hazard is ahead. Change lanes
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