Safety and rules for bicycle riders

Rules and safety advice for cyclists in NSW. Choosing the right bike and equipment, maintenance, and traffic and hazard awareness.

A handbook for bicycle riders

The Bicycle Rider Handbook is a useful guide to riding your bicycle safely on NSW roads. 


Bicycle Rider Handbook (PDF 2.75MB)

Penalties for bicycle offences

Understand the penalties for traffic offences committed by bike riders in NSW.

See the most common bike offences

Keeping your bicycle secure

Find out how to avoid bike theft, keep your bike safely locked and what to do if your bike is stolen.

Bike security

Bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users in NSW. There are also rules that only apply for bicycle riders.
Things to consider before setting out on your bicycle. Bike riders should be aware of risks of wet weather, drugs, alcohol and fatigue.
As a bicycle rider, there are hazards you need to watch for. Give yourself plenty of time to know the rules and be prepared before setting out.
When you're riding in heavy traffic, take extra care. Stay safe on multi-lane roundabouts, and when cycling on freeways and motorways.
Bicycles are detected at traffic signals using in-pavement inductive loops. Knowing how these loops work will assist you in being detected.
As a bicycle rider, you're exposed to danger when travelling on the road. Always cycle safely and know what to do if there's an accident.
Reduce your risk of head injury – wear an approved helmet. Here's how to choose the safest helmet and clothing for cycling.
Tips on choosing a bicycle and equipment that suits your purpose, safety requirements and NSW road rules. A bicycle is a road vehicle by law.
Follow our tips on keeping your bicycle in good working order for safer riding. Regular maintenance schedules and repairs are important.

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