Keeping your bicycle secure

Find out how to avoid bike theft, keep your bike safely locked and what to do if your bike is stolen.

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Record identification markings

Most bicycles are stamped with a unique identification number, also known as a serial number. You'll usually find the number on the underside of the bicycle frame. It's wise to keep a note of this number in case your bicycle is lost or stolen.

If your bicycle does not have a serial number, you could engrave your own identification number and record the details.

There are several other easy measures you can take to assist the Police if your bicycle is lost or stolen:

  • Note features such as colour, stickers, engravings and any unique aspect of your bicycle.
  • Take a photo of you and your bicycle.

Lock it up

You can avoid theft by securing your bicycle when it is unattended:

  • Carry a good bicycle lock and ensure that you secure the wheels and the frame.
  • Use bicycle parking facilities when they are available.
  • If you are leaving your bicycle for a longer period of time, consider removing the front and rear wheels and pairing these with the frame.
  • Always lock your bicycle to a permanent fixture that cannot be manipulated to remove the lock.
  • Remove all non-fixed items, such as lights, panniers and pumps.

If your bicycle is stolen

You should report the theft to NSW Police immediately or as soon as possible.

Provide the Police with all the relevant details including any identifying features along with your photograph of you and your bike.

Contact your local Police Station on the number provided in the phone book or phone the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.


You don't need to have compulsory third party insurance on your bicycle, like you do for a motor vehicle.

However, you should be aware that if you have a crash involving another person or their property, you may be financially liable for any injury or damage you cause.

Bicycle insurance is available to protect yourself against liability and to protect your investment. Check with your insurance company or contact Bicycle NSW.

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