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Rugby Union designs

We are excited to launch the new Wallabies and Wallaroos commemorative certificates, featuring the First Nations jersey design artwork and the Wallabies mascot Wally. Both certificates feature artworks created by Indigenous artists.

The Wallabies design represents the 14 First Nations players who have pulled on the Wallabies jersey and First Nations communities coming together as one. The Wallaroos design represents the connection between women and their spirit, ancestors and shared history. 

These certificates are perfect for the born Rugby Union supporters and by purchasing this Official Licensed Product, you are supporting the growth and development of Rugby participation in Australia. 

Wallaby (WLB)

Wallaby commemorative birth certificate

The Wallaby certificate features artwork created by Indigenous artist Dennis Golding.


Wallaroo (WLR)

Wallaroo commemorative birth certificate

The Wallaroo certificate features artwork created by Indigenous artist Seantelle Walsh.


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Once you've picked your design, complete our online application form.

It's a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents, godparents or relatives.

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