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New Indigenous art

We are excited to launch the new Ngarrwa (Give Birth) and Jagun (Birth Caves) commemorative birth certificates, featuring the artwork of First Nations Artist Melissa Greenwood, the founder of the Art and Design brand ‘Miimi and Jiinda’.

Melissa, a Miimi (mother) of two beautiful boys, is an established Artist and children’s book Author whose work is celebrated internationally. Melissa’s creations tell visual stories of Country and her journey as a proud Gumbaynggirr custodian. Her paintings invoke messages of her resilient and loving matriarchs and how they inspire her daily. Key concepts expressed within Melissa’s art are her deep connections to country, culture, kinship and her ancestors who guide her daily.

Ngarrwa (Give Birth) design

Ngarrwa commemorative birth certificate.

This painting celebrates the arrival of a new life, depicting the birthing caves where our ancestors gave birth since immemorial.

Jagun (Birth Caves) design

Jagan commemorative birth certificate.

This painting is called Jagun, meaning your (country, Birthplace, homelands). The land is living, reciprocal and interconnected.

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