Toll notices

Have you received a toll notice? See what to do next, including how to pay, make an objection, or nominate another driver.

Pay a toll notice online

See what details you need to pay a toll notice online.

Nominate another driver

You can nominate another driver by lodging a statutory declaration. 

Get an electronic tag or pass

To get an electronic tag or pass, you will need to contact a toll provider.

Paying a toll notice

If you have been issued a toll notice, there are a number of ways you can pay. Also, see what to do if you weren't the driver.

Lodge an objection

Do you disagree with a toll notice you received? You can object by writing to the road operator.

What if I don't pay a toll notice on time?

If you do not pay a toll notice by its due date, you may face additional fees and penalties.

Contact Transport for NSW

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