Find out how to get a tag or pass, calculate the tolls for a trip, and what to do if you receive a toll notice. Plus, information on rebate schemes.

Tolling gantry and truck in the distance

Pay a toll notice

Find out what information you need to pay a toll notice online.
Pay a toll notice

Calculate tolls

Use our interactive map to calculate your tolls.
Calculate your toll

Live Traffic NSW

See the latest traffic conditions on NSW roads.

Using toll roads

You need an electronic tag or pass to use NSW toll roads. Find out how toll roads work, plus what to do when driving a rental vehicle.

How to get an electronic tag or pass

Do you need to purchase a tag or pass? A range of options are available through different providers.

Toll costs by road

Find out how much you can expect to pay when using toll roads. Use our online calculator.

Large Towed Recreational Vehicle Rebate

See rebates that are available for caravans, boat trailers and horse floats.

M5 Cashback

Find out who is eligible, how to register and how to make a claim on the M5 Cashback Scheme.

Toll notices

Have you received a toll notice? See what to do next, including how to pay, make an objection, or nominate another driver.

Truck Multiplier Scheme

Find out more on this toll relief scheme, who is eligible and how eligible motorists will benefit.

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