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A 20-Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW

The NSW Government's 20-Year Economic Vision sets out a clear pathway for ensuring that Regional NSW will continue to be a vibrant and growing part of our economy, and that people are supported in their decision to live in the regions.

Regional NSW Today

Regional NSW is Australia’s largest and most diverse regional economy. Rich with natural resources, it is home to a third of the state’s population, and produces one-fifth of NSW’s gross state product. Regional NSW has thriving agricultural, energy and resources industries and strong manufacturing, tourism and service sectors.
Vineyard in Orange

Global forces shaping our regional economies

Since 2000, the global environment in which NSW competes has radically changed. With the pace of change likely to increase in coming years, we need to consider the implications of trends.
Who men in hard hats walking around the Santos gas fields near Narrabri

Rising to the challenge

The NSW Government has a role to foster economic growth in engine industries of regional NSW. We can do this by investing in infrastructure, skills, advocacy and promotion, and the business environment.
A man working a the Costa Tomato Exchange in Guyra

An even brighter future

Our vision charts economic growth in key sectors, increased regional populations, and supporting infrastructure and services.
A woman working in a milk bottling factory at the Little Big Dairy Co in Dubbo

Message from the Deputy Premier:

When people ask me what I want to achieve for regional NSW, the answer is fairly simple. 

I want people living in regional NSW to have a great life. Moreover, I want people living outside of regional NSW to look to our regional towns and cities and think ‘I could also have a great life there’, because they know regional NSW is a great place to raise a family, start and grow a business, get a fulfilling job, participate in vibrant community activities, play sport at quality facilities, and access the quality health and education they deserve.

Since 2011, the NSW Government has been hard at work rebuilding NSW. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved to date, but the job is far from done. We now have the opportunity not just to improve regional living, but transform it.

Today, NSW’s economy has been restored to its proper position as the nation’s leading economy, with a first-class infrastructure pipeline that is creating jobs, skilling our young people and ensuring NSW has the infrastructure it needs to meet current and future demands. 

Regional NSW is at the forefront of this.

People are sick of governments that are short-sighted – failing to plan properly, and in turn, giving priority to the city over the bush.

This government, however, is determined to ensure we are meeting the needs for today while also making sure we are better prepared for a stronger tomorrow.

We are not just futureproofing our regions (making them more resilient to change, so they thrive, not just survive) but also turbocharging visionary projects – so they don’t just sit on paper, but actually become reality. 

Our 20-year vision will ensure regional NSW is poised to take advantage of future opportunities for growth. 

Most importantly, this is a vision for regional people and businesses. Regional NSW is already a great place to live, raise a family, start a business or visit. We also need to support sustainable, thriving regional communities that have a strong local identity, attract younger generations and offer valued alternatives to city living. 

Many of our regional centres have room to grow, draw in more investment and attract skilled workers, as well as provide job opportunities for our children. We want our communities to have access to sporting and cultural facilities, without compromising a sense of community and connectedness. 

Through strategic investment we can address issues like skill shortages, the ageing workforce and digital disruption, while capitalising on emerging industries that align with a region’s local strengths. 

Our vision is to accelerate economic growth in key sectors such as agribusiness, tertiary education and health care, taking full advantage of trade and tourism opportunities with Asia to ensure regional NSW continues to play a critical role in the Australian economy.

This work also brings together long-term planning and existing strategies like the Future Transport Strategy 2056NSW State Infrastructure Strategy, and the regional plans.

I am personally determined to leave a lasting legacy of strong, sustainable and vibrant regional communities.

This vision will help outline how we will get there.

The Hon. John Barilaro
Deputy Premier, NSW
Minister for Regional NSW

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