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Follow the COVID safety rules

When you visit a business, you need to follow their COVID safety rules. Always provide your details, listen to staff and practice physical distancing.

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Do the right thing

Staying COVID Safe and reducing the spread is a responsibility we all share. 

Most businesses, venues and community organisations have a COVID-19 Safety Plan, which covers the wellbeing of staff and customers, physical distancing, hygiene and record keeping.

When you visit a business, you need to follow their COVID safety rules. This will help NSW stay in business so you can keep visiting the places you love.

To do the right thing: 

  • Plan your outing around one venue. If you or someone in your group is infectious, and doesn’t know it yet, fewer people in the community will be exposed. 
  • Provide your details. You can use the Service NSW app for contactless check-in.

  • Listen to staff or the COVID Safe Hygiene Marshal. Take action if they ask you to do something to stay safe.

  • Practice physical distancing. Stay 1.5 metres from people you don’t live with. Follow safety markings such as stickers on the floor. Don't move tables and chairs. If the venue is overcrowded, go somewhere else. If you think there is a non compliant issue or breach, please contact crimestoppers.

  • Adopt good hand hygiene. Always have your COVID Safe Kit with you. Don't leave home without a clean mask, hand sanitiser, tissues and disinfectant wipes. 

  • Wear a face mask if it is not possible to stay 1.5 metres from others or the business or venue asks you to do so. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended in indoor areas such as supermarkets, shops, places of worship and entertainment venues.

  • Use contactless payment, where possible.

  • Give feedback on a business. Give up to 5 stars for good hygiene and physical distancing, and let us know who needs COVID Safety support. 


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