Check-in and QR codes

Checking in is no longer mandatory.

People who have been to a venue around the same time as a person with COVID-19 will receive a case alert in the Service NSW app.

QR code posters are valid and may be used.

It is no longer mandatory for businesses, venues and events to have electronic check-in systems.

If you have already registered as a COVID Safe business, you can find your lost QR code by searching with your email address.
Sign up to get a free Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in QR code for your business or organisation.
How to set up and use electronic methods for contactless check-in.
Find out what is required when recording and keeping contact details under the public health orders.

Access your COVID Safe business resources online.

Business email notifications on COVID-19 cases

Service NSW will notify businesses by email on the same day customers receive a COVID-19 case location alert about that business.

Businesses that receive this notification should continue to follow their COVID-19 Safety Plan, undertake thorough cleaning, inform staff and remind them to monitor for symptoms. If a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, follow the guidance for businesses.

NSW Health will continue to contact businesses that need to take further action.

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