Business rules and guidance

How to keep workplaces, staff and customers safe from COVID-19 while remaining open for business.

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As the economy re-opens, employers and employees need to work together to follow the rules and manage risks.
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Businesses must keep their premises safe and minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.
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Steps for employers to consider in managing the risks associated with household and close contacts in the workplace.

Traceability testing
Follow the guidelines for business when a worker tests positive for COVID-19.

Guidance to stay safe in business

Some workers must be vaccinated to go to work. Understand what proof of vaccination is required and how businesses should keep the workplace safe.
Natural airflow helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. Understand the SafeWork NSW ventilation guidance.
Some workplaces and workers may continue to work from home, depending on their circumstances.
Guidance and risk mitigation for businesses holding large events in NSW.
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