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How NSW Health will contact trace

NSW Health is evolving the way they contact trace.

NSW Health will continue to contact people diagnosed with COVID-19 and their close contacts.

Workplaces and other locations with a potential COVID-19 outbreak will continue to be supported by NSW Health. Businesses may need to undertake a risk assessment and assist NSW Health in providing specific advice to clients, customers or patrons.

NSW Health will especially focus contact tracing on:

  • household members of cases
  • contacts among family and friends of cases
  • places where there are people at high risk of severe disease such as in healthcare, aged care, disability care and correctional facilities
  • places transmission has been identified
  • places that provide essential services such as schools and food distribution facilities.

NSW Health alerts

NSW Health will continue to send a SMS to people who need to follow specific health advice.

If you receive a SMS from NSW Health, it is important you follow the advice in that SMS.

Service NSW app alerts

People who have been to a venue around the same time as a person with COVID-19 will receive a COVID-19 case alert from Service NSW. The alert provides general health advice to monitor for symptoms and get tested if symptoms appear. Update your Service NSW app for the latest features, including improvements to COVID-19 case alerts.

People who have received a COVID-19 case alert do not need to contact the business or their family and friends about the alert.

Find out more about the Service NSW app COVID-19 case alerts.

Advice for businesses

Businesses that receive notification of a COVID-19 case alert should:

Businesses do not need to contact customers, NSW Health or SafeWork NSW.

Stay COVID safe

Everyone should continue to take steps to help protect themselves and their community:

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, even if mild, get tested immediately and self-isolate, even if you’re fully vaccinated.
  • Continue to check-in and out of all venues using QR codes. If you can’t check-in using a mobile phone, you can check-in using the COVID-19 check-in card available through the Service NSW website.
  • Get vaccinated if you are aged 12 years and over.
  • Continue to practice COVID safe behaviours.


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