Winter boosters

An Easy Read guide about COVID-19 winter booster vaccinations.

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What is a winter booster?

Feel symptoms

In winter, we are at higher risk of:


  • catching a virus, such as COVID-19
doctors at patient's hospital bed
  • getting very sick if we catch a virus. 

A vaccine is a medicine that:


  • helps people fight a virus if they come into contact with it
  • can stop people from getting very sick from the virus
two women standing close to each other
  • can stop you from passing the virus to someone else.

A booster dose is an extra dose of 
a COVID-19 vaccine.

man holding sign with number one

Most people have had 1 booster 
dose already.

illustration of thunbs up with snowflake and number 2

Some people need 2 booster doses to help
keep them safe from COVID-19 in winter.

covid vaccine winter booster bottle

We call this extra dose a ‘winter booster’.

Who can get a winter booster?

woman over age 65

You can get a winter booster if you:

  • are aged 65 or over
older woman an older man
  • are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person aged 50 or over
man in hospital bed with attending nurse
  • are aged 16 or over and have a weak immune system
in home carer with older woman
  • live in an aged care home – a place where older people live
boy in wheelchair and woman on couch in conversation
  • live in a place where you get care for your disability.

How do you book a winter booster?

illustration of calendar noing four months and vaccine bottle

You can get your winter booster 4 months after your first booster dose.

older lady on phone and illustration of wall calendar

You can call the NSW Health Vaccination Booking Support Service to book your winter booster.

man seated at desk using laptop and accessing his calendar

You can also book your winter booster on our website.

Where can you get a winter booster?

empty chairs at testing clinic

You can get your winter booster:


  • at a NSW Health vaccination clinic
doctor administering vaccine to older woman
  • from your doctor
aboriginal health centre
  • at an Aboriginal Medical Service
illustration of a pharmacy and gel capsule
  • at a pharmacy.

Support for you

covid vaccine winter booster bottle

You can call the Disability Gateway if you want:


  • more information about your winter booster
a person can provide you with support to book your booster


  • support to book your winter booster.
call centre operators assisting callers

You can call the Service NSW COVID 19 Helpline.

13 77 88


You can go to our website.

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