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If you are in genuine hardship and having difficulty paying outstanding taxes, fines or fees to Revenue NSW, we can help.

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Who are we

The Hardship Review Board (HRB) is an independent body who reviews certain decisions made by Revenue NSW.

We can review a decision about fines, fees, taxes and duties. Depending on the type of debt we can direct Revenue NSW to change their decision. 

Before applying to us, you need to ask Revenue for a payment plan, work and development order or write-off. Find out how Revenue NSW can help you.

The Hardship Review Board is independent of Revenue NSW.

Types of reviews

Apply to review a decision about a payment plan, a work and development order, or writing off your overdue fines.
Apply to review a decision about a payment plan or revoking overdue fees. Fees can include NSW Ambulance fees, Quarantine fees, TAFE NSW fees, and other fees referred to Revenue NSW for recovery.
Apply to waive, defer or write off your state tax or duty assessment.

Start an application

Apply for a hardship review of fines, fees or taxes and duties.


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Got a question or need more information about the Hardship Review Board? 

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Call: 02 7808 6946

Write to us:
Hardship Review Board
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