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Improving government services

Published 14th October, 2016

Improve customer satisfaction with key government services every year, this term of government

Why is this important?

In NSW, residents interact with government services daily. From driving on our roads to catching the train, visiting a museum or sending children to school, government services need to be seamless, of high quality and accessible to all citizens of NSW.

In NSW, residents and businesses conduct more than 40 million transactions each year.

Customers of any service provider expect continuous improvement, and those of government are no exception. Government has a responsibility to deliver the services people need, and we are working to make NSW services safe, efficient and easy to useService NSW offers one stop digital, phone and shop front sites. The people of NSW can complete 950 transactions from 40 agencies through 63 service centres. 

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In 2016, overall, 78.7 per cent of consumers and 78.4 per cent of businesses were pleased with the quality of government services.

How is the government tracking?

2016 Customer Satisfaction Index Scores

How is the priority measured?

The Customer Service Commissioner conducts the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey of consumers and businesses every year.  

What is the government doing?

Listening to the public

The government is listening to its customers via the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey, an annual survey of people who use public services. Feedback is collected on 22 different NSW Government services, including education, health, roads, transport, water licensing, agriculture, environment, family support, housing, police, fire, emergency services, prisons, courts, business advisory, art galleries and museums. NSW Government agencies now work together to use this new centralised feedback and put it into action by:

  • improving the complaint-handling experience for customers, ensuring it is easy to access and navigate.
  • targeted customer-service improvement plans based on citizen feedback.
  • building a whole-of-government Customer Insight Research Centre to ensure customer feedback is continuously captured and put into action.
  • sharing best-practice between agencies on successful improvements in customer experience.

Supporting businesses

Starting, running and growing a business is challenging enough without the added complications of red tape. The government is making it easier to do business with a range of support services to help you navigate regulatory requirements, freeing you up to focus on the more important things.

What can you do?

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Published 14th October, 2016