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Improving government services

Published 22nd December, 2017

Improve customer satisfaction with key government services every year, this term of government to 2019

Why is this important to the people of NSW?

We all interact with government services daily, from driving on our roads to catching the train, visiting a museum or sending our children to school. Government services need to be easy to use, of high quality and accessible to all.

In NSW, residents and businesses conduct more than 40 million transactions with the government each year.

Customers of any service provider expect continuous improvement, and government is no exception. Customers’ expectations of government are changing rapidly, largely driven by the modernisation of services provided by the private sector and the impact of new and emerging technologies.

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In 2017, overall, 79.3 per cent of consumers and 78.3 per cent of businesses were satisfied with the quality of government services.

How are we tracking?

The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey measures consumer and business satisfaction on an annual basis. The survey captures feedback on 23 different NSW Government services, including education, transport, housing and more.

In 2017, the consumer satisfaction index increased by 2.6 percentage points since baseline. The business satisfaction index also increased by 1.7 percentage points since baseline.

By 2019, the business satisfaction index will have increased by 4.6 percentage points and the consumer satisfaction index will have increased by 2.3 percentage points since the 2015 baseline.

What are we doing?

Listening to the public

All NSW Government agencies are working together to put customer feedback into action by:

  • providing customers with a simple online tool, Feedback Assist, to give feedback directly to government
  • implementing targeted initiatives that address key opportunity areas for improvement, such as simplifying processes, improving access to information and enhancing staff capability
  • sharing best-practice between agencies to make customer satisfaction central to service delivery.

Improving customer service

Service NSW's highest priority is a positive customer experience for individuals and businesses. Service NSW is exceeding customers’ expectations with one digital service, one phone number and one shop front for the connected and digitally savvy people of NSW. The Service NSW app was downloaded more than 850,000 times in 2015-16.

The people of NSW can complete 970 transactions from 50 agencies through 84 service centres, whether applying for a birth certificate in Armidale or renewing your car's registration at Wynyard.

Since its launch in July 2013, Service NSW has helped more than 90 million customers, with an average customer satisfaction rating of 97 per cent. 

Supporting businesses

We are making it easier to do business with a range of support services to help you navigate regulatory requirements.

Easy to do Business

As part of improving government services, Service NSW aims to streamline the application and regulatory processes for new and growing businesses. 

Starting, running and growing a business can be challenging. An important part of this process is ensuring your business complies with government regulations.

Easy to do Business is a Service NSW initiative that helps people to get their business ideas off the ground. It is an online solution that contains all the information needed to open or grow a business. Step-by-step guides and checklists ensure businesses comply with relevant legislation and regulations. The website also provides a Business Concierge team to provide free specialist support and a single online platform to track your application progress.

Case study

Easy to do Business

Coffee Stop owner Lin

"The Business Concierge team saved me time, effort and energy. They helped me apply for outdoor dining for my cafe and I found the process a lot easier with their help."

Lin, Coffee Stop


Lin used Easy to do Business when he opened his café, Coffee Stop, in 2016. With help from the Business Concierge team, he found the process to apply for an outdoor dining licence easy and simple. Lin says Easy to do Business saved him time, effort and energy.

Before the Easy to do Business solution, it could take up to 18 months, 48 application forms and 75 regulations to start a café, restaurant or small bar in NSW. Now, with Easy to do Business, it takes 90 days or less.

Following a pilot in Parramatta, the Easy to do Business program is now helping small businesses in Queanbeyan and Dubbo to reduce the time taken to start a business. Through the program, a business owner is connected with a case manager and offered a single online application form, halving the amount of time taken to complete the registration process.

The Easy to do Business solution has reduced the time it takes to set up a small business from over 18 months to less than 90 days.

What can you do?

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Published 22nd December, 2017
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