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World-class public service

Implement best-practice productivity and digital capability in the NSW public sector and drive public sector diversity by 2025.


  • having 50 per cent of senior leadership roles held by women
  • increasing the number of Aboriginal people in senior leadership roles
  • ensuring 5.6 per cent of government sector roles are held by people with a disability.
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Why is this important?

NSW has a world class public service and our focus is to continue to work hard to drive improved outcomes for the people of NSW. To do this we need to adopt innovative best practice and build a workforce built on diverse people, which drives creativity and innovation. Having diverse leadership ensures that the NSW Government represents the community. This gives us a deeper understanding of the communities we serve and allows us to deliver better outcomes through our wide range of expertise, perspectives and innovative ideas.

The business case for increasing diversity and inclusion is compelling. Research from the private sector found that organisations with higher proportions of gender and ethnic diversity were more likely to have higher financial returns than industry medians. 1

Achieving this priority by 2025 will result in 1000 additional women and 57 more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in senior leadership roles over 10 years. The expansion of this priority to include improvement in the proportion of people with a disability in the public sector is an important new addition to increasing diversity and inclusion. Achieving the target will result in 10,000 more people employed with a disability across the NSW Government sector.

How are we tracking?

We are making good progress on increasing the proportion of senior leadership positions held by women to 50 per cent and doubling the number of Aboriginal senior leaders to 114 by 2025. 

The proportion of people with a disability employed in the public sector, however, has been decreasing over the last 10 years.





1. Hunt, V., Layton, D., Prince, S., Why Diversity Matters, McKinsey (January 2015)

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