Future Ready Regions

Future Ready Regions is the NSW Government’s commitment to building strong communities and diversified regional economies that are not just built to survive drought but are able to thrive as an economic powerhouse.

Future Ready Regions

Future Ready Regions Update

The $64 million Future Ready Regions strategy was released in 2021 with the goal of helping regional communities plan and prepare for drought, by building resilience and improving our responses to drought in the future.

The strategy outlined 14 actions to help achieve sustainable, secure and healthy water resources, stronger primary industries and resilient, more economically diverse communities.

The Future Ready Regions 2023 Update provides an overview of progress made in implementing these actions. It shows our coordinated approach and details how we are working to ensure we are better prepared for the next drought.

Strategic Evaluation

The NSW Government undertook a strategic evaluation of 36 short-term drought relief programs adopted between 2017 and 2021. The evaluation sought to understand how the package addressed recent drought impacts on NSW communities and primary producers.  The key findings of this evaluation are outlined in the Drought Measures –Strategic Evaluation Report (PDF 802.19KB).

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