Future Ready Regions

Future Ready Regions is the NSW Government’s commitment to building strong communities and diversified regional economies that are not just built to survive drought but are able to thrive as an economic powerhouse.

Future Ready Regions


The Strategy identifies 14 commitments to achieve sustainable, secure and healthy water resources, building stronger primary industries prepared for drought, and supporting stronger communities and diverse regional economies. These commitments draw on the lessons learnt from the worst drought on record to help future-proof regional NSW.

Future Ready Regions builds on the 20-Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW by helping regional communities and industries to prepare for future economic shocks, and empowering them with new tools, training and better data to plan and inform decision-making.

This is a dynamic strategy that will evolve and adapt over time, with an update planned for 2022 to ensure the NSW Government remains focused on the changing conditions, priorities and needs of regional NSW.

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