Regional Youth Taskforce

The Regional Youth Taskforce represents young people from throughout regional NSW and provides policy and operational advice to the government. 

2023 Regional Youth Taskforce members 

  • Janine Southwell and Lachlan Middlemiss for the Central Coast Region
  • Poppy Starr and Jasmine Baillie for the Central West and Orana Region
  • Faith Devlin and Max Burrows for the Far West Region
  • Jorji Taaffe and Jessica Patman for the Hunter Region
  • Laila Zakelj and Axl Reeves for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Region
  • Katie Barnett and Jack Lyon for the New England and North West Region
  • Genevieve Collins and John Palencia for the North Coast Region
  • Hailey Cruz and Daniel Crofts for the Riverina Murray Region
  • Meika Lindsay and Shaun Fitzpatrick for the South East Region

2023 Yearbook


Regional Youth Taskforce 2023 Yearbook

Role of the Taskforce 

Members of the Regional Youth Taskforce advise the Government on issues that affect young people living in regional NSW. 

The Taskforce allows members to have their say on ways Government can improve outcomes for young people in regional NSW and better deliver services.

The Regional NSW Youth Framework and Regional NSW Youth Action Plan outline the strategic whole of government priorities for regional young people. 

Over the course of the year, the Regional Youth Taskforce will focus on the pillars of the Regional Youth Framework: Wellbeing, Connectivity, Work Ready and Community. Members will be consulted and invited to contribute to various government policies. 

About the Taskforce 

The fourth Regional Youth Taskforce was appointed in early 2023. During 2023 the Taskforce will have four meetings in various locations around NSW, either online or in person. View outcomes from the most recent meeting.

Members will have their transport, food and accommodation costs covered. Meetings will be scheduled to take place on weekends or in school holidays.

Previous Regional Youth Taskforces 

View the work and achievements of previous Regional Youth Taskforce members in the yearbook reports and videos.

A group of 18 young people smiling at camera standing on grass beside a tree


The 2022 Regional Youth Taskforce members are:

  • Willow Robinson and Tyson Purchase for the Central Coast Region
  • Brooke Williams and Gianrico Wynn for the Central West and Orana Region
  • Campbell Quintrell and Abbie Kelly for the Far West Region
  • Nicholas Bailey and Coco Rose for the Hunter Region
  • Georgie Moustoukis and Benjamin Healey for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Region
  • Rohan Cowley and Caitlin Blanch for the New England and North West Region
  • Mikal Tesfamariam and Luke Austin for the North Coast Region
  • Kane Stewart and Chelsea Burgess Hannon for the Riverina Murray Region
  • Molly Brabham and Timothy Dotter for the South East Region



Regional Youth Taskforce Yearbook 2022

The members of the 2021 Regional Youth Tasforce


The 2021 Regional Youth Taskforce members are:

  • Phoebe Sheridan and Jayden Redfern for the Central Coast Region
  • Taje Fowler and Lachlan Hicks for the Central West and Orana Region
  • Isaac Ford and Katelyn Whyman for the Far West Region
  • Clodagh Falvey and Isabella Metcalfe for the Hunter Region
  • Samantha Dunn and Adrian Le for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Region
  • Elka Devney and Imogen McDonald for the New England and North West Region
  • Paris Brailsford and Francois van Kempen for the North Coast Region
  • Bihozagara Ndabagaza and Ben Caughey for the Riverina Murray Region
  • Samuel Pevere and Lola Stravoskoufis for the South East Region




2020-2021 Regional Youth Taskforce Yearbook

Download video transcript

Regional Youth Taskforce


The 2019-20 Regional Youth Taskforce members are:

  • Jasmin Hughes and Josef Graf Cooper for the Central Coast Region
  • Ashish Thapa and Maddy Jerrett for Central West and Orana Region
  • Ben Johnstone and Nyokia Townsend for the Far West Region
  • Katherine Sutcliffe and Jack Antcliff for the Hunter Region
  • Amanda Reid and Lachlan Page for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Region
  • Laura Murray and Ryan Dwight for the New England and North West Region
  • Jan Jaafr and Caitlin Axelby for the North Coast Region
  • Luca James and Marina Gabra for the Riverina Murray Region
  • Khawlah Albaf and Allie Roberson for the South East Region




2019-2020 Regional Youth Taskforce Yearbook

About the Office for Regional Youth 

The Office for Regional Youth sits within the Department of Regional NSW and provides a coordinated and strategic approach to respond to regional youth issues.

To ensure a meaningful approach and direction, the Office for Regional Youth listens to advice and insights of regional young people, parents, employers and youth workers.

The Regional Youth Taskforce provides an essential connection to young people in regional NSW. 

The Office for Regional Youth works in partnership with the Advocate for Children and Young People to support the Regional Youth Taskforce.

Applications have closed for the 2023 Regional Youth Taskforce



If you have any questions, contact the Office for Regional Youth using the link below.

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