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Get Ready Community Award

Volunteer groups, community organisations or local councils are invited to nominate their community-led project by Tuesday 15 June 2021. 

The NSW Government Get Ready Community Award recognises and celebrates the work communities do to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

Following a year of unprecedented disasters in NSW including the black summer fires, flooding and then COVID-19, our communities have shown incredible resilience. Community-led projects that help people prepare for and recover from disasters have never been more important. 

Key dates

  • Entries open: Monday 15 March 2021
  • Entries close: Tuesday 15 June 2021
  • Finalists notified: Friday 23 July 2021
  • Awards ceremony: 18 August 2021
  • Unsuccessful applications notified: After the awards ceremony


Any project or initiative that started after 1 January 2019 is eligible. Projects that are underway or finished can enter. Project entries can be submitted by a local organisation on behalf of a community.

Your initiative or project must:

  • begin on or after 1 January 2019
  • be started, led and managed by a local community: a community being people from a particular locality, town or region, or a group of people with a common purpose
  • show how members worked collaboratively to address a need or issue
  • feature strong partnerships between people and groups across the community
  • have strengthened the resilience of the local community through participation in planning, preparation, response and/or recovery.

Contact us

For more information or help with your nomination, email

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About your project

Your initiative or project must begin on or after 1 January 2019. 
Tell us about your project or initiative. What specific actions did you take to make your community better able to plan, prepare, respond, or recover from natural disasters? For example, did your initiative support local emergency management arrangements? (500 words max).
What opportunity did you identify that would help improve your community’s disaster resilience? (500 words max)
Tell us how the community benefitted from your initiative. Are the benefits long-lasting? Is the project complete or ongoing? How has your project increased community disaster resilience? Include any evidence that supports your achievements. (500 words max)
Did you work with other local organisations or groups? How did groups and community members collaborate with each other? Did you build new partnerships? Did you strengthen existing partnerships? (500 words max)
Does your project or initiative have a website or a social media site? Please include any links.
Maximum 4 files.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
Maximum 4 files.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.

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