Gamify your learning - build a cyber maze

Join this live virtual classroom where students are guided to build their very own game. 

Students can design a playable cyber-maze that is designed to educate and increase awareness of staying safe online.

They session was led by Microsoft’s coding guru, Andrew Balzer to program and build a cyber maze using Microsoft MakeCode, a web-based coding application. Andrew guided students with step-by-step instructions in a live demo.

tudents learnt to:

  • develop digital solutions to problems
  • code and think creatively
  • construct algorithms
  • use their design and computational thinking skills.

Please note: Students will need a PC, laptop or a tablet and internet connection.
For years 3 to 10 (code modification differs across year groups).

Syllabus outcomes

NESA outcomes

​​​​​​Digital technologies – ST2-3DP-T, ST3-3DP-T.

Australian Curriculum version 8.4


ICT capabilities
  • Level 3Students use ICT to generate ideas and plan solutions
  • Level 4Students use ICT effectively to record ideas, represent thinking and plan solutions
  • Level 6Students select and use ICT to articulate ideas and concepts, and plan the development of complex solutions
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