Online safety awareness program for schools.

Cybermarvel is a collaborative initiative of the NSW, ACT, TAS, SA, NT, QLD and VIC education departments and will:

  • Actively build staff and students’ cyber safety awareness and skills.
  • Inform parents and carers on how to keep their families safe online.
  • Encourage safe online behaviours and experiences.
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About the program

The Cybermarvel program is delivered in partnership and collaboration with the eSafety Commissioner, Grok Academy, Microsoft, Google, Palo Alto Networks, Kim Maslin, Inform and Empower, Cyber Safety Project, AWS and Lisa Rothfield-Kirschner. It takes direction from the eSafety Commissioner’s Best Practice Framework.

Over 2021-22 we have connected with 78,000 students and over 2400 staff and parents from across Australia learning to be safe, responsible and respectful online. We gave away 500 cyber packs for hands-on learning in the classroom.


Students’ rights and responsibilities  

Understanding students’ rights and responsibilities in the digital age is vital for young people and is the theme for the Cybermarvel program. The program will help school communities to have fun, engaging and safe discussions to help nurture good digital citizens.

student and teacher using computer

Safer internet day 2023

Learn online safety and develop digital maturity skills to get started in 2023. Resources for primary and high schools.

A teacher helping a young girl using a digital tablet in the classroom.

Principals and teachers

Educators use technology to communicate and work with students and colleagues. While this has advantages it also comes with risks and responsibilities. Be digitally aware and support your students with their online safety education.

A father helping his young children, a boy and a girl, do their schoolwork on a computer tablet.

Cyber safe parents

Being online allows your family to learn, socialise and have fun. But it can be challenging to ensure you are all safe. Learn how to improve your digital awareness, identify scams and protect your family when online.

Affectionate primary school age siblings laughing while doing screen time on a tablet computer.

Cyber playtime

Calling all 5 to 7-year-olds! Want to learn and have fun at the same time? Watch our cyber playtime videos and make a mask or answer questions and write some crazy passwords that only you know. Be cyber marvellous!

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