Digital Citizenship

The NSW Department of Education aims to empower school communities with the skills and knowledge to learn, connect, have fun and be safe online.

To encourage good digital citizenship, we:

  • support teachers to model best practices
  • advise parents and carers on how to support families online
  • encourage students to be responsible and positive contributors to a healthy digital society.
graphic of a girl using social media on her phone

What is Digital Citizenship?

Being a responsible citizen of the online world is important for fun and learning on the internet.

Help students build a positive presence online by teaching them how to conduct themselves in the digital space.

Begin with respect and equity


Teacher and girl on laptop

Online safety

Teach young people how to look out for themselves when online gaming, shopping and managing their passwords.

Online rules

Take a closer look at what the law says about online free speech, privacy and copyright.

Benefits of digital citizenship

Collaborating, coding and creating games. Young people have the digital world at their feet.

Healthy online habits

Tech provides many ways to keep yourself fit, connected and creative.

Information for parents and carers

Online safety resources and support for families.

Teaching and learning

Find lesson plans for teachers and guides on devices.


Here are the digital concepts you need to know.

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