Information for parents and carers

Young people thrive online when they contribute positively.

Advice and resources to help with managing:

  • time online
  • social media
  • gaming environments



Managing screen time

Self awareness and high-quality content are key.

Learn how to manage screen time

Student wearing backpack with parent holding a phone

Using social media safely

Guide young people so they can reap the benefits of their socials.

Learn how to use social media safely

Student and teacher using computer

Managing cyberbullying

Advice and resources for families.

Posting about your child online

How to share without oversharing.

Online messaging and chat

Help your child communicate safely.

Creating safe gaming environments

Benefits of gaming and how to play safe online.

Selfies and your child

How identity can be supported through selfies.

Creating and posting videos online

Learn more about the modern way to share content.

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