Online safety

Being online can be safe for young people with a bit of help. But it can come with risks too.

Our guidelines can help students, parents and teachers to:

  • navigate online privacy
  • set strong passwords
  • stay safe when shopping online
graphic of three children sitting and standing next to a movile phone with a social media app open

Banking and shopping online

To protect your money and details, take these steps.

Learn how to protect yourself online

Woman on laptop holding credit card


How to nurture safe and respectful digital citizens.

Learn about the online safety awareness program

Mother and school child sit at kitchen table with laptop

Choosing good passwords

In many ways your passwords are your identity. Here's how to keep them private.

Safe gaming online

If someone is bothering you in the chat, first tell an adult. Then read this information.

Spotting and avoiding scams

Scams are common. But they're easy to spot with some know-how.


Protecting your privacy online

Privacy, photos and digital reputation – here's everything you need to know.

Spotting an internet hoax

Here's how to avoid getting tricked by those weird online stories.

Tips to staying safe online

Learn how the power of doubt can help protect you on the internet.

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