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Digitally mature students can have an influence in the classroom and the school community.

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Educators know their student learning and wellbeing needs best. You can select from our stage-based resources below to support you in the delivery of online safety learning both in school and at home. Select from one or more of the sections below.

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Primary schools

Educators can access stage-based virtual classrooms and on-demand activities in October.

Ollie Online graphic

Ollie Online

Years Foundation (K) - 2

Students will move, sing and bop along as they explore what it means to be safe and healthy online.

18 Oct 10.15 - 10:45 am AEDT 

19 Oct 2.15 - 2:45 pm AEDT  

Start to take control graphic

S.T.A.R.T to take control

Years Foundation (K) – 2 

Be independent with technology and establish strategies to self-manage screen time. 

31 Oct 2:00 – 2:45 pm AEDT

digital detectives graphic

Digital Detectives

Years Foundation (K) – 4

Check your online safety knowledge with a fun card game.


grok passwords graphic

Make a safe password

Years 3 – 4

Students follow simple steps to create safe and strong passwords.


Adventures online graphic

Adventures Online

Years 3-4

Cyberbullying and navigating uncomfortable situations.  

19 Oct at 10:15 am to 10:45 am AEDT

online resilience graphic

Online resilience

Years 3 – 4   

Take control of technology use and manage your digital life. 

31 October 11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Be an eSafe Kid

Years 3 – 6

A live virtual classroom to support students to interact safely online.

19 Oct 10:30 – 11:45 am AEDT 

Coming soon

graphic of google's interland online safety game with two characters

Be Internet Awesome

Years 3 – 6

Be safe, confident explorers of the online world.


Cyber Security fundamentals

Cyber Security fundamentals

Years 5 – 6

How many cyber security puzzles can you solve?


Thrive online graphic

Thrive Online

Years 5 – 6 

Cyberbullying and navigating uncomfortable situations. 

17 Oct 10:15 am - 10:45 am AEDT

digital dilemas graphic

Digital dilemmas

Years 5 – 6

Students can discover ways they can be responsible to keep themselves, friends and family safe online.

31 Oct 9:30 – 10:15 am

Information Privacy and Security graphic

Information Privacy and Security

Years 5 – 6

Join Sam and their friends as they interact in a fully realised social media environment.


More Cybermarvel resources for primary schools

Year K-2 resources

Teachers of junior primary can access a collection of on-demand resources to support online safety education in a fun and engaging way. You will find a wide variety of resources ranging from classroom posters and videos to lesson plans and even a Minecraft game. Each resource is linked to ACARA and NESA (NSW) outcomes as well as eSafety’s Best Practice Framework.  

Year 3-4 resources

Stage 2 teachers can access a collection of on-demand games, videos and other resources to support online safety education in a fun and engaging way. You will find a range of resources such as online games, Minecraft activities, password help video and an ebook. Each resource is linked to ACARA and NESA (NSW) outcomes as well as eSafety’s Best Practice Framework.  

Years 5-6 resources

Senior primary teachers can access a collection of on-demand games, videos and other resources to support online safety education in a fun and engaging manner. Use lesson plans, quizzes, Minecraft activities and online games to support classroom discussions about being cyber safe. Each resource is linked to ACARA and NESA (NSW) outcomes as well as eSafety’s Best Practice Framework.  

Lesson plans for NSW teachers

Be a Cybermarvel: Be kind online (NSW Stage 3) 

Students can learn and discuss the signs of cyberbullying and explore their feelings if they see or experience this behaviour. This activity also supports building respectful and kind behaviours through the use of engaging classroom activities. 

Be a Cybermarvel: Be safe online (NSW Stage 2) 

Students can explore five simple online safety topics using video, peer discussion and student-centred tasks. The activities are designed to improve engagement and online safety learning outcomes. 

Be a Cybermarvel: Be a digital detective (NSW Stage 3) 

Digital literacy skills allow students to feel empowered to question things they find online. They can learn to critically evaluate online information and images to make informed decisions, share responsibly and maintain their online reputation. 

High schools

know the risks graphic

Know your risks

Years 7 – 8

An interactive exploration of what is and isn't safe to share online.

information security and privacy secondary graphic

Information privacy and security

Years 7 – 8

A comprehensive and interactive exploration of Cyber Security principles from the hacker's perspective. 

Web Application Security

Web application security

Years 7 – 8

Find out how developers keep the websites you visit safe and secure.

data encryption and transmission graphic

Data encryption and transmission

Years 7 – 9

Learn how data is protected using encryption techniques.

digital citizenship minecraft graphic

Digital citizenship

Years 7 – 10

Engage in Minecraft Education to learn about digital theft, media literacy, sharing and respectful behaviours online.

privacy prodigy graphic

Protect your personal information

Years 7 – 10

Engage in Minecraft Education to learn about privacy and the protection of personal data.

Home sweet hmm minecraft graphic

Digital identity and privacy

Years 7 – 10

Be creative and learn about a safer and better internet and the principles of digital identity, online safety, and privacy.

cyber live 1 graphic

Cyber Live

Years 9 – 10

Experience a real-world cyber attack and protect a navy captain.

network security graphic

Network security

Years 9 – 10

Learn how networks secure our data during transmission between computers.

digital forensics graphic

Digital Forensics

Years 9 – 10

When something goes wrong, not everything is always what it seems!

girl sitting on bed with a laptop and headphones and smiling

Years 7 – 9

Help Olivia, Luca and Raheem navigate their lives online. Make choices on their behalf as they face scams and hacks and watch how those decisions play out on screen.

More Cybermarvel resources for high schools

Years 7-12 resources

High school teachers can access a collection of resources to help students be cyber safe. Teachers can find on-demand learning activities and help guides on improving digital identity, learning to make positive choices online, online reputation, privacy settings and online abuse.  

Lesson plans for NSW teachers

Be a Cybermarvel: Be a digital leader (NSW Stage 4) 

This three-lesson learning sequence is designed to teach students about how content is created and used online. It allows them to use sources and check to see if they are authentic and trustworthy, or if bias exists. It is recommended that this resource is used digitally to gain the benefit of the hyperlinks within. A list of all the online resources is at the end of each lesson. 

More resources for educators

Be Cybermarvellous 2023 Challenge

Get your students to prepare a submission for this exciting challenge.

Professional learning

Online safety professional learning for all staff.

Cyber playtime

Watch short videos with your family and learn to keep cyber safe.

Cyber security careers

Find out about cyber security as a career option.

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