Know your online risks

What information is safe to share online?

Students learn to categorise pieces of their information that are safe to share, share with caution and not be shared at all. The class can engage in group discussion and think critically to agree or disagree. 

Year groups: 7 – 10

Access Know your risk activity.

Educators can download, print and create the cards to use in the classroom for hands-on learning. 


Syllabus outcomes

NESA outcomes

PD4-1, PD4-9.

Australian Curriculum version 8.4


ICT capabilities

Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT 

Students apply appropriate practices to recognise the intellectual property for digital information of themselves and others. They use appropriate practices for the physical and logical storage and security of digital information and apply appropriate protocols when using ICT to safely create, communicate or share information. Students gain an understanding of the benefits and consequences of the use of ICT by individuals, groups and communities and the impact of the use of ICT on the fabric of society. In developing and acting with ICT capability, students: 

  • recognise intellectual property 

  • apply digital information security practices 

  • apply personal security protocols 

  • identify the impacts of ICT in society. 

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