Digital identity and privacy

How can we make a safer and better internet?

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Supporting resources

Join Minecraft: Education Cybercraft - Home Sweet HMM to be creative and learn about a safer and better internet and the principles of digital identity, online safety, and privacy. 

Students will explore the principles of online safety and digital identity and demonstrate how they can be safe in digital spaces.  

They will learn to: 

  • understand the importance and benefits of the Internet in our everyday lives 

  • identify and avoid common cybersecurity risks by remembering, “STOP and THINK before you CLICK.” 

  • build awareness to ensure the privacy of their personal information 

  • advocate for help from trusted adults if they are unsure or uncomfortable 

  • understand their role in making a safer internet. 

Access Cybercraft - Home Sweet HMM Minecraft Education

Year groups: 7 – 10

Date and time: On-demand, 1 hour  

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