Cyber playtime

Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 can watch these videos and play along using materials available at home or at school. Learn how you can be a Cybermarvel and stay safe online.

Affectionate primary school age siblings laughing while doing screen time on a tablet computer.

Video 1: Are you really a friend?

Join us in a mask-making project and learn how easy it is for anyone to pretend to be someone else in our digital world. Students at school and learning at home, can join in fun play and hands-on activities with Reid and Ted to:

  • make a mask to learn about stranger danger when online
  • ask a trusted adult for help if unsure about someone online.

Transcript for video (PDF, 70.25 KB)

Video 2: Super secret password!

Play along to learn how to create strong passwords to protect important information and devices in our digital world. Students at school and learning at home, can join in fun play and hands-on activities with Reid and Ted to:

  • use secret questions and answers to help you create a password using letters and numbers
  • learn why you should not share your passwords.

Transcript for video (PDF, 50.83 KB)

Video 3: Being kind to others online

Listen to Ted and Rhi talk about how to handle negative comments and feeling hurt by chats online. Join in their game to explore your own feelings and reactions to what others say to you. Do you know how to be kind online?

Transcript for video (PDF, 64.45 KB)

Video 4 : Phishing is fishy business

There are online tricksters and scammers out there trying to steal your information. How can we avoid getting tricked into doing something that could harm us? Do you know about phishing and how to be safe?

Transcript for video (PDF, 20.72 KB)

Video 5: Storytime - how we got cyber smart

Listen to Lisa read her story of how Olivia and Jack learnt to be safe when they were faced with a rude person while playing a game online. Their parents helped them learn how they could block such people. Do you know how to be safe online? 

Transcript for video (PDF 101.08KB)

More resources for families to help with having positive conversations at home about online safety

Disclaimer: Cyber playtime videos have been developed by Palo Alto Networks and Lisa Rothfield-Kirschner author of ‘How we got cyber smart’ and provided to the NSW Department of Education for educational use in the Cybermarvel program.

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