Be Cyber Marvellous 2023 Challenge

Students, show us what you know about online safety!

male student smiling as he sits at his desk and holds a pencil to his notebook

Guidelines for the challenge

To enter, students can place their learning into a journal using the following templates:

Students should use their journal, knowledge and creative skills to produce one of the following on a topic of their choice:

  • a poster (pdf/word/png/jpg)
  • a script for a play (pdf/word)
  • an MP4 video
  • an MP3 audio
  • a website (Google site or similar)
  • or write a fictional story to showcase your learning for the whole month (PDF/word).

We are looking for:

  • Originality - your work needs to be your own and not copied.
  • Relevancy - display your online safety learning.
  • Creativity - be creative, try and come up with something new!
  • Leadership - show guidance to help others change their online behaviours.

Students submit their final product to their teacher. Teachers will review the submission and upload them to the Cybermarvel submission centre by Friday 24 November 2023 at 3:00pm.

All entries will be reviewed by our judging panel of teachers and cyber security experts. We will publish the best entries on this web site for all to see!

2022 winning student entries

Presentation - Phishing and online safety

A Blaxcell Street Public School student explains phishing, with sample emails and red flags, such as spelling errors and suspicious links.

Video - Keep safe on socials

Students from Blaxcell Street Public School show the importance of strong privacy settings and knowing what NOT to share on social media.

Keep safe on socials

Case study - Cybersafety and Roblox

The student from Blaxcell Street Public School talks about stranger danger on gaming sites and provides checkpoints to consider before you interact.

Quiz - Cybersafety questions and answers

The student from Toronto High School has created an interactive presentation that takes the reader through questions about social media safety.

Story - Chloe April's addiction

Students from Blaxcell Street Public School have written a story of a girl who starts playing games online, provides her login to someone, and gets into trouble.

Story - A celeb's invite

The student from Blaxcell Street Public School has written a story about a girl who trusts a fake profile online and ends up giving away her personal information.

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