Cyber savvy educator and proactive teaching strategies

Upskill to be a mentor of students growing up digital.

Teacher professional learning by Cyber Safety Project

Watch a recording of this webinar (available till 29 Oct).

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Educators are encouraged to reflect on their role as a mentor of students growing up digital. You will walk away with an understanding of the latest digital trends for young people. The Cyber Safety Project team shares fundamental strategies for teaching key cyber safety concepts and proactive teaching strategies that can help level up your cyber safety and digital well-being teaching. Topics in this webinar are:

  • Social networking, gaming and popular online platforms for young people
  • Digital habits and how young people are using technology today
  • The role of an educator in cyber safety and digital wellbeing teaching
  • The fundamentals of integrating cyber safety and digital wellbeing themes into the classroom
  • Proactive teaching strategies to building positive digital reputations and safe digital citizens.
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