NSW Grandparents Day stories

We spoke to some grandparents about the joy and fulfilment that sharing time with their grandchildren brings to their lives. Here are their stories.

Grandparents Day stories featuring Wendy Lawson
Sharing stories and interests, cooking, holidays and everyday activities, this busy 'Nonna' is involved in many parts of her grandchildren's lives.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Sushil and Rup Dhingra
'Nani' and 'Nana' give their six grandchildren time that parents don't always have, keeping them active and young at heart.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Nadia and Colin Withers
Sharing stories of their childhoods, visiting museums and family holidays are just some of the ways 'Teta' and 'Giddo' enjoy spending time with their grandkids.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Lauren Broos and George Pollard
'Nana' and 'Papou' love the connection and energy being with their grandchildren brings. From camping and bushwalking to gardening and art, they enjoy imparting their wisdom and sharing stories.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Kaye and John Smith
With 19 grandchildren, 'Nanna' and 'Pa' are always on hand to help out with swimming lessons, gymnastics and care. Surrounded by family, they believe they're the richest people in the world.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Jackie Perkins
Even though 'Grampy' is based in England, he's been to visit his family in Australia 21 times. Find out what brings joy to this great-grandfather to 16.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Isaac and Antolina Zambrano
Teaching their grandchildren everything from riding bikes to fishing and flying kites are some of the joys 'Dad' and 'Mama' share with their grandkids.
Grandparents day stories featuring Faye and Graeme Douglas
Busy watching their grandchildren play netball and soccer in an action-packed calendar, this 'Nan' and 'Pop' still make sure they give all their grandkids one-on-one time.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Donna Ingram
Fondly known as 'Nan', Donna brings support to her family and believes having her grandchild has made her life joyful. She brings love and adoration to her granddaughter's life and looks forward to their future.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Brigid Siely
'Nanny' Brigid enjoys the luxury of being able to spoil her grandchildren, spending quality time together. She acknowledges their unconditional love, the joy of being a grandparent and sharing 'fun' time together.
Grandparents day stories featuring Bosiljka Mahmic
'Nena' has helped raise her grandchildren, giving her daughters the support she didn't have when she moved to Australia. Now her grandkids are helping her, and she loves seeing them achieving their dreams.
Grandparents Day stories featuring Alan and Susan Perkins
Proud to see their grandchildren growing up and enjoying regular visits, 'Poppy' and 'Nanna' share the rich experiences of their lives.
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