NSW Grandparents Day

Celebrating the role of grandparents and older people in our lives.

Sunday, 29 October, 2023

Image of a woman reading to her grandchild. The grandmother is wearing a brown cardigan and colourful top and is holding a book. The granddaughter is sitting on her lap wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt with her hands underneath her chin.
Image of Asian grandmother with her grandson and granddaughter on either side of her. Her grandson is looking her her and her granddaughter is smiling, looking at the iPad her grandmother is also looking and smiling at. They are sitting on a cream-coloured couch. A green tree is to their right and another man is seen blurred in the background.

Celebrate NSW Grandparents Day

NSW Grandparents Day celebrates the diversity of grandparent relationships across age groups, cultural backgrounds, and geographical locations.

Grandparents, grand-friends, kin, and those who take on the role of a grandparent in their family or community are recognised for their contributions.

There are lots of NSW Grandparents Day activities you can enjoy this year to celebrate grandparent relationships.

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Image of southeast Asian grandfather with long-haired granddaughter. They are sitting on a black couch, holding cake. There is a large window behind them with trees visible the background.

NSW Grandparents Day Resources

Find resources for your community. Get posters, social media posts and colouring in pages for you to try at home.


Image of three smiling people - an older Asian man with greying hair smiling and two younger Asian children. The grandfather's arm is around the child on his right and the second child is laying across his lap laughing. They are sitting on a brown suede couch and the is a tall green plant on their right.

Story Time Library Resources

Find resources for your local library to successfully host a Story Time event this Grandparents Day. 


Still captured from a video interviewing older woman, Rachel. She is wearing a red jumper and glasses. She is sitting in a wheelchair in her living room.

Watch Rachel's Story (Video)

We spoke to NSW resident Rachel about the joy and fulfilment that sharing time with her grandchildren brings to her life. Here is her story.

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