MyServiceNSW Grants and Funding Pilot Program

The MyServiceNSW Grants and Funding Pilot Program seeks to match relevant NSW Government grants to over 500 industries.

What you need to access this program

You must have a MyServiceNSW Account

Your MyServiceNSW Account helps you connect online with NSW Government services quickly and securely.

You will also need a Service NSW Business Profile

Your Service NSW Business Profile contains your business details. Your Business Profile connects your MyServiceNSW Account with NSW Government business services.

You will need at least one ABN added to your Business Profile

If you have more than one business, you can add multiple Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) to your business profile and manage multiple businesses in one place.

If you meet all of these criteria

What to do if you don't meet these criteria

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How we suggest grants for your business

The ABN in your MyServiceNSW Account is used to identify your business' industry.

When you log in we use your business' industry to suggest grants that your business may be eligible for.

More about how we suggest grants

What to do if you don’t have a MyServiceNSW Business Profile

If you don’t already have a Service NSW Account with a Business Profile, you can create one.

Create a MyServiceNSW Business Profile


Finding grants without a MyServiceNSW Business Profile

If you don’t have a Service NSW Business Profile or are not a business owner or manager, you can still look for grants.

How your data is protected

Go to the MyServiceNSW Privacy Collection Notice to find out how we protect your Business Profile and MyServiceNSW Account data.

Read the Privacy Statement for general privacy information.

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