Digital trade licence

We’re making it possible for people to access digital versions of their trade licences.

Hand holding a mobile phone, with the screen displaying a sample of the NSW digital white card.
The NSW digital white card is the digital version of the NSW white card available through the Service NSW app.

The NSW digital white card is available through the Service NSW app, in partnership with SafeWork NSW.

The NSW Government is working to digitise trade licences, making it easier for you to go wallet free.  The first of these licences to be digitised is the white card.

A white card (or general construction induction card) is required by anyone who wants to carry out construction work, such as tradespeople and labourers, site managers or other people who work in construction areas.

It's new technology, so you must keep your physical card on you and produce it for inspection if requested, even if your construction site accepts the digital white card.

Getting a digital white card will not stop your plastic white card from being issued.

For licence holders


The digital white card: 

  • updates in real time, so you don’t have to wait for a new plastic card to be posted when your digital version is renewed or if you change your details 
  • works offline and can be viewed when you have no data coverage, as long as you stay logged in to the Service NSW app 
  • is protected by the security on your smartphone (for example, PIN, fingerprint and facial recognition) as well as the security of the Service NSW app.   
Get the digital white card

Download the Service NSW app, log in and follow the prompts. 

Your digital white card will then be stored in app for you to display.

More information

If you would like more information about the digital white card, call Service NSW on 13 77 88.

Lost phone

If you lose your smartphone, your digital white card is protected by your phone’s PIN, your Service NSW app PIN and, if available, your touch ID.

Report your lost phone immediately to PoliceLink on 131 444 or create a Police report online.

Security and privacy

To ensure the security and privacy of licence holders, we've built strong partnerships with cyber security and identity theft experts. This has resulted in comprehensive security measures to protect your information and identity at all times, similar to those used for internet banking. 

For licence checkers

The digital white card has the below features to confirm it is authentic and current. These provide site supervisors and checkers with a convenient way to check the card number and date of issue:

  1. Animated NSW Government logo
  2. Last refreshed date and time
  3. QR code expires and reloads 
  4. Waratah hologram moves when the phone is tilted

Site supervisors and checkers can find more information on the Service NSW Licence checker page 


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